Breaking the Mold

Atelier Volant

Break the mold and sustain your originality, comfort, and style through time and space with Atelier Volant. We strive to simplify your personalized protection so you maintain focus on the journey!

Sleek, speed, sustainable adventure awaits propped up on two wheels and a kickstand.

A pristinely structured machine stood tall, waiting to fly her along the city streets to find an outlet to reconnect her back to her roots; into a world where the stars and moon were her guiding light. Catherine was now a proud motorcyclist at thirty-eight in NYC where she finds herself starting anew again in an industry she’d admired since she was a little girl growing up in Africa.

For Catherine Wales, escaping the city was exhilarating freedom that felt rebellious, uninhibited and free. But her affections dampened as the world started branding her a “biker chick” and all the stereotypes she didn’t identify with. She wasn’t tough - she was practical. She didn’t prefer rhinestones, laced jean pockets and tightly wrapped bandanas - she desired safe, functional fashion that could be customized to her busy lifestyle and evolution as a person. She knew she wasn’t the only one who didn't fit the mold; in fact, it was time for Catherine to share with the world that there was no “mold”. Just a sketch that was never realistically suited to fit anyone.

She was confident it was time for personal protection, technology, and expression to collide with crafted design.
Atelier Volant was born.

Catherine and her team have crafted an elite line of tailored, functional fashion that not only dresses their riders for everything from street gear to professional attire, but provides enthusiasts a safe and comfortable excursion. Each one of Atelier Volant’s garments offers removable SlimFlex pads made from the most innovative tech designs, ensuring a smooth transition between work and the road. You no longer have to completely change your wardrobe after dismounting, but can instead remove or add safety guards and embellishments fit for the occasion at hand.

The beautiful hand crafted quality of materials and micro-production ensures long-lasting lifespans and thoughtful manufacturing processes.

As you grow, Atelier Volant grows with you. Are you ready to explore your next adventure?