Why we Ride: Daria Twist

Why we Ride: Daria Twist

“When I pull out of the garage and flip on the throttle, I think ‘I’m good,’ and everything is ok. It’s me. My bike. And the road. I am going to enjoy my day no matter what. ”


Daria Twist lives in heaven… South Australia, where the wild is still wild and the intrinsic beauty finds home in the hearts of all that visit. Growing up exploring the woods and experiencing life from multiple viewpoints is a gift that Daria loves to share with the world. 

A Family Affair

Growing up with an avid rider for a father, it’s easy to believe that Daria not only fell in love with the thrill of riding through various weather and terrains but consistently seeks the challenge of “new”. 

“Motorcycles and adventure riding have never been a new concept for me to wrap my head around or struggle with learning. My dad is an avid adventure rider and my mom a happy pillion; they actually encouraged me to get licensed when I was 16. I accept their support as something rarely given to other kids my age makes me privileged.”

Before coming of age, Daria’s parents would have to take turns sitting out on excursions, missing the company and exhilaration shared with one another. But as soon as Daria could legally and safely ride, the family of three would hit dirt, traveling through nature’s wonders almost every weekend. 

“It’s great riding with my parents. After riding together now for 15 years, we have created a lot of special moments and memories together. I am also excited to say that my partner of 9 years has somewhat recently gotten his license too, so he can join our family outings. It’s so sweet, he always tells people that the reason he’s out there riding is because of me - making sure there are no misconstrued gender stereotypes being assumed. ”

Women on Wheels

Being a feminist and an activist for female riders is a core value for Daria. Not only does she support other women riders in their journey of learning to ride, but reaches out through a community network of women riders in South Australia to co-adventure together. 

“One group I belong to is actually called Women2Wheels - it’s been a great way to communicate with one another, ask questions, or even let others know where and when you are riding if they're interested in joining. I have had women come out I have literally never met before on several occasions. It doesn’t even matter that we don’t know each other because we connect through our sense of adventure and passion for motorcycling.”

Daria also had the ultimate opportunity to join one of BMW’s Safari excursions recently where she rode with 200 other enthusiasts through her beautiful home country. 

“It was great having the same goal in mind, but it was really the camaraderie and sense of solidarity that struck me and continues to, as I find my tribe of freedom seekers and beauty lovers. No matter if you ride alone or with a group, you know you are never really on your own if you have to pull off the path. Another biker will travel by you and will, of course, stop to help or have a drink with you!” 

Future Forward 

Along with the community mentality, Daria has discovered as an adventure rider she shares a passion to protect what is already theirs and replant what has been robbed of them. 

“Sustainability is something we all need to pay attention to and make more of a commitment to improving. From behind my handlebars, I can see nature's amazing scenery. I get to feel and smell the fresh air whipping all around me. I want to continue to see and feel what I do and ensure that generations to come will too.”

Finding functional, stylish gear that also checks the sustainable box is a goal that Daria has been building throughout her riding experience. 

“Balancing function with beauty is important to me. There are a lot more gear options made for male riders out there… things that are not made my size. That, along with the fact that AV’s riding gear is made from sustainably sourced resources and is made to last, pulls me to shop the brand. I want to wear safety, design, and pieces that will serve me for years to come. The less I have to buy, the smaller my carbon footprint, the more our environment thrives to be enjoyed for years to come.”