The Tech

The Safest Solution for the Road

SlimFlex Design


Most other personal protection design teams know it's the best tech to safeguard against high-impact, but few use it to cut their own manufacturing cost and process. SlimFlex design with patented technology reigns supreme in quality, comfort and a carefree ride because of its elite levels of energy absorption while remaining lightweight. Our SlimFlex materials are all made in-house; perfectly crafted for your personalized piece with complete control over chemistry and reagents. We are working towards having them custom made meaning there is less waste - making them not only the smarter tech choice but the eco-friendly one.

PolyAnswer has less then 10 kN of transmitted force


The technology is based on the production of a Non-Newtonian fluid - recreated through recycled raw materials. When impact is made along your journey, the Non-Newtonian fluid at the core of the SlimFlex pads hardens to a solid-state, not only absorbing shock but acting as a physical barrier between you and the road. When no impact is present, our SlimFlex pads are malleable, flexing to the curves of your body for ultimate comfort and custom fitted protection. 

SlimFlex pads prior to impact are completely malleable, lightweight, and in true Non-Newtonian fluid form.


The molecules reposition on impact then restore their natural state

When impact is made on the trail, SlimFlex pads harden to a solid-state to absorb shock and reduce the force’s transmission. 

You can keep riding with the same SlimFlex pads because after impact is no longer detected our pads return to their original sleek, fluid, and flexible form. Until the next moment when you need them.