Why We Do It.

Consideration and care for people and our planet.

AV believes in doing the right thing and the time is NOW to do the right thing for people and our planet. Micro mobility is just one way commuters, travellers, and explorers help lower emission rates while getting back to the outdoors. Catherine is a micro-mobile commuter herself finding joy in escapism; back to the large night sky bejeweled and glimmering without the suppression of city lights. In fact, it was when Catherine moved back to the states that she declared herself a biker; her yearning to fly off to simple, organic solitude was a memory she wasn’t going to repeat her second time around as a NYC resident. She knew she wanted to get to her destination, quickly, safely, and with green efficiency. Her innate connection to “less is more” represents so much of the ideologies behind Atelier Volant’s raw materials, manufacturing processes, and versatility of wear. 

Spending her life dedicated to high-end fashion, Catherine believes the industry can do more. More to serve its consumers. More for our earth. More to connect humans with their creative form. This is the ambition behind the brand; multifaceted functionality, malleable to individual mindset, body-specific tailoring, and long-lasting, quality wear with less waste and lower contribution to landfills. Doing the right thing can feel lavish but the payoff is tenfold. A safer, humane, more artistic world that feels our gratitude through change.