Who We Are

Travelers. Curiously innovative adventure-seekers. Ambitious dreamers & doers.

Atelier Volant (AV) was born from a vision to encompass a clearer pathway to freedom and ease of expression for bike enthusiasts across the globe. No more stereotypical hardness, no skull and bones, no rhinestone stamped propaganda. Instead, a sleek, versatile fashion and future forward clothing and accessory line with your protection and diverse lifestyle in mind. AV is proudly female founded and owned by one of luxury fashion’s longtime designers, Catherine Wales. While promoting empowered, independent, strong women, most of AV’s designs are unisex to support eradicating gender-specified roles and societal wardrobe expectations.

Catherine’s cutting-edge prototypes and products come from various aspects of personal experiences as a rider, a world-traveler, a survivalist, a creative, a thriving business professional, and, at one time, a woman without a country. Behind each sketch lies a story that speaks to the world; stories we can relate to, feel, and find hope in. Catherine and her team couldn’t be more excited to share AV with both riders and casual wearers alike - safety and style for the road and in your everyday expression. Be you, because you are beautiful.