What We Do

Smart. Versatile. Stylish. Personal protection crafted especially for you.

Never before has there been flexible fashion that both honors your safety and individuality no matter your setting. From your bike to your business, there’s a simpler, smarter choice to customize your wardrobe than bringing a second, or sometimes third, outfit to accommodate your diverse daily routine. Packing extras on your bike can be complicated, even dangerous. AV thoughtfully fuses some of the newest technologies in personalized protection with ingeniously curated sketches to produce custom-tailored transitional wear that both serves and protects. 

Sizing and fit will never be an issue with AV’s custom tailored technology. Each piece is seamlessly curated using advanced 3-D printing technologies for the best feeling and looking fit while incorporating elite, long-lasting fabric choices like genuine leather, steel, silks, and suedes. AV understands that using high-quality raw materials makes for heavy-wear durability and a look that just gets better and better with age. 

With removable impact-activated padding for AV’s base layers and the same technology hidden away in heels of AV’s full-line of boots, you can find peace of mind on the ride. Park your bike and remove your safety pads in a matter of seconds, restyle your AV scarf, tuck your pads away in your AV Messenger Bag, and straighten your winged lapel pin before you head into the office. It’s going to be another great day.