Tradition and History is Integrated into AV

Breaking the moldAV creator’s bloodline is rich with innovators, change-makers, and people of their word. Represented by a family crest that symbolizes inner drive and loyalty to truth, Catherine Wales lives both of the crest’s mantras. Esse Quam Videri -” to be, rather to seem” and Avis Le Fin, “Consider the End”, which loosely translates to choosing our paths intentionally… mindfully… and as authentically you. AV is just that, a continuum of her heritage to live in your truth in the moment, sustainably, and with direction. Her story leading her to functional fashion started years ago with an ancestor named John. 

John Wales, a genius with his hands, an industrial designer at heart, and a long passed ancestor of AV creator Catherine, helped lead the way for a new kind of textile production centuries ago. As a worster spinner, he played an integral role in the creation of “light-weight wools” for summer and spring wear; crisp seam lines with airy elegance for Northern England in the mid 1700s. The lighter the wool, the more flexibility and movement for new yarning patterns, and color varieties. A huge step forward in glamifying fashion. 

A lover of textiles, John was an innovator of his time in a movement towards expression through dress. We can see the apple didn’t fall far from the 3,000-year-old tree. Skipping multiple generations, the art has finally caught back up within the Wales bloodline in Catherine. Interestingly enough, Catherine too has been referred to as a genius by colleagues in the industry. Spooky similarities to say the least. They are both true pioneers pressing into a new time and definition of one’s creative individualism. 

The desire for adventure, discovering new lands, and moving through time well-dressed and versed hasn’t changed all that much since 1736. Catherine’s vision is to help connect art back to sustainable, functional, and comfortable gear that transitions with you through your day - Your mood - And the version of you, you want to share with the world. As engineers of fabrics, Catherine and her ancestor John push forward into a new time with exploration, adaptation, and drive for more. More freedom. More fun. More you.  

Celebrate the Wales’ bloodline and break the mold with Atelier Volant.

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