Taking the Higher Road

Imagine a world that valued sustainable craftsmanship, healthy minds for the adventure, and the independence to choose your ride.

We have…
We created a brand for it.
Functional freedom in the form of personalized protection.

Atelier Volant (AV) is fashion and future forward with several ideals around what the world could be so we can continue to ride the trails. AV not only appreciates Mother Nature’s spacious, lush, flavorful scenes, but also the importance of a healthy mind for this remarkable journey we call life. The two go hand in hand, really. 

Without curious, caring, and courageous minds, no thought would be given to the gifts Mother Earth has given us. Pure, exhilarating wonderment for the senses; long texturized shoots, bold colorful blossoms, inset patterns, heavenly blue skies perfect for daydreaming, calming sounds of water falling and the rustle of leaves in her lustrous gusts bringing us back to recognize our inner calm and resiliency. 

Without the health of our Earth, we drop into mental and creative stagnation. And our planet suffers the consequences of our continued misuse and abuse of it. We need healthy minds and strong hearts to change and impact the way we humans operate daily. 

Atelier Volant is taking a stand for change.

Sustainability. For the miles ahead and the mountains to climb.

Exploration. Breaking free from societal expectations to discover the world within and around you. 

Mental Health. Reconnecting with spirit, inner wisdom, and resilience to balance the elements. 

Independence. Strength and power of choice; it’s your story - you not only get to write the ending but all the chapters in between.

Craftsmanship. A confidence that makes the ride that much smoother. 

These are the AV values. These values not only make up our company vision, mission, and operative models, but live in the fibers of every custom-curated garment. We choose to do better today, so tomorrow’s sunrise can invite you to an even better day than yesterday. 

Make a stand with us and learn how you can help minimize your own carbon footprint and overcome and educate others about the stigmas of mental health.