Supporting Mental Health and the Environment

Fresh Air for a Clear Mind
Breathe. Ride. Relax. Repeat.  

Atelier Volant Boutique Handmade Motorcycle Boots and Armour

Clean Air.

Our lungs expand as we breeze through the streets on our bikes, inviting in the pure wholeness of fresh oxygen. For a moment, we feel a rush of renewed clarity before exhaling a sigh of release. Sending energy, love, and sustenance to our blood cells, the power of oxygen is astounding. Yet, something we humans take for granted most of the time; pleasantly going about our lives with the simple expectation that the next breath will be readily available. No rasping, no gulping for it. We just know it will always be there. But will it? Have you ever stopped to wonder if we could destroy our earth so much that there is no clean oxygen for us to live off of? What would that day look like? 

Thankfully, we, personally, haven’t been pushed to this extent yet, but so many things in our world are suffocating. And they are forced to suffer and pass in silence because they can’t speak for themselves. They rely on us to do that for them. Trees, sea anemones, animals big and small, plants of all kinds are all being starved from the clean air they need to survive, bloom, grow, and spread with. Instead, species of all the above are being killed off because of the decisions we are infiltrating the atmosphere with.


Atelier Volant supports mental health and healthy living

Clear Mind.

Studies show just how strong the direct connection is between nature and mental health. Of course, there’s the basic importance of soaking in enough of the sun’s rays for vitamin D creation, which affects everything from our ability to manage stress and mood, to supporting our achy joints. Innately, spending time outdoors also promotes exercise in a varying array of ability levels; there’s hiking and biking for the adventure seekers, sports like soccer and baseball for the courageously competitive, swimming and dance for the artistic athletes, and silent strolls for the young at heart and lovers. But our connection to the environment goes beyond the physical - way beyond. 

Experiencing the organic beauty of lush landscapes, rolling hills, rocky terrain, and the setting sun are all necessary for a healthy mind. Connecting with the sounds, sights, and smells without disruptions from our overwhelming daily agendas is therapeutic… meditative to the mind and soul. Time away, reconnecting with the earth’s elements refreshes our spirit, reminding us of the tranquility that can and does exist. 

What would happen if the world went on pause for one hour a day and every human chose to spend that time connecting with the natural wonders outside our windows?

Would progress slow down or would life, creation, and our work become more thoughtful? 

Trekking through a forest you might stop to inspect the intricate details of the backside of a maple leaf. The veins, a nourishing circuit of circulation for the tree and added structure for its design - something so elemental and yet eye-catching. We can find gratitude for the purpose behind every aspect of natural creation, finding that it resonates within us. Just like the leaves, we realize we all have purpose and serving it leads to life’s greatest fulfillment.Time alone, bonding with the environment can be spent deep in thought, or in mere observance; both result in a feeling of resiliency. Strength. Wisdom. Hope. And perhaps most importantly, remembering how to breathe again.

Clear Choice. 

So how do we protect what we love, what we do, and how we feel at the same time? The answer seems complicated and like it could be a lot of work, but the end result is cleaner air, a greener earth, and a healthier mind. A clear choice. 

We simply need to rethink our processes; our cultural and manufacturing structures are due for a make-over. It will take many of the great minds living today to come together to build cleaner solutions, and reset many of our societal norms and expectations of how and when we spend our time and with what resources. 

Giant strides in improving sustainable manufacturing, longer-lasting and quality made products, and ethical fair trade production are being taken everyday and Atelier Volant (AV) is at the helm of it. 

To AV, partnering with small, family-owned manufacturers using quality raw materials for long-lasting, versatile personalized protection is the clear choice for conscious living. With more durable, customizable, better-fitting wardrobes there will be less need to own more. Fewer pieces with more options equates to a smaller carbon footprint and a clearer state of mind. 

Being a leader in the fashion industry is no longer just about the sketch, the cut, and the name tied to it; it’s about being a role model for change. Change in the way we treat our earth. Change in the way we recognize and support mental health issues. Change in the way we dismantle society’s gender stereotypes. Change in quality for overall good. 

It’s time to lead. We’re glad you’re here with us for the ride.