Shop Sustainably this Holiday Season


With the holiday season right around the corner, our minds are whirring with ideas for annual gift giving traditions. What do the people that matter most in your life really want or need? As our heartstrings are being pulled toward mass consumerism, our heads lean toward more sustainable options that benefit both our planet and the longevity of impact on our people. 

Parting ways with a few of those heartstrings to listen to a more conscious internal dialogue relieves some of the guilt many of us feel after the holiday exchange. But being more mindful doesn’t equate to no gifts for the holidays. It means more meaningful moments that may or may not be packaged up with a neat little bow. When thinking about your loved ones’ interests, passions, hobbies, or needs, consider gifting the intangible. Like time or travel. Or if you choose to purchase a physical gift, be thoughtful in its purpose, wearability, and its manufacturing process.

Giving a Gift to Experience

Experiential presents stay in our memory banks for a long time, if not forever. We take away snippets of the scenery around us, the people, and the laughter. We store them away in a happy place to remember fondly (and often). It’s these mental breaks that help relieve daily stressors, refocus our priorities, and vision for the road ahead. But how do you give someone an experience? 

There are multiple options, ranging from creating a new favorite moment in the moment with your loved one, intangible goods and services, and sustainably made products that encourage exploration and adventure. 

Some examples of intangible goods and/or services can include both virtual and physical memberships, travel vouchers, a two-night stay on the lake, a spa day, or even a coaching package that helps them reach their dreams. All of these are sustainable options, being that they aren’t a manufactured product and instead are a direct investment in the quality and enjoyment of their lives. However, some of us prefer to give something you can hold. Something you can build your dreams around.

Shopping for Sustainable Products

For some there is an exhilaration to untying beautiful bows and undressing cloth-wrapped packages; what’s inside? 

The curiosity keeps our imaginations reeling and wheeling further into the land of possibilities. But sustainable, high-quality goods are the best kind that bring joy without sacrifice. 

When giving man-made products, less is more. Less, protects our environment and stimulates our creativity and overall use of expression. We can do a surprising amount of good with less. So when considering your purchasing options, think about functionality, diversity, and wearability. 

Consider not only how it was made and by who, but how often it will be used by your recipient. If it’s something you think will sit in a heap at the bottom of their closet day in and day out, it’s not a gift worth giving. But if you think it’s something they will regularly take out and enjoy, you’re on the right track.

At Atelier Volant our mission is to keep micro-commuters safe and equipped for personal self-expression to break the mold on stereotypes world-wide. Our products transform with your day, making them extremely functional with high wearability. Our custom-curated quality and 100% sustainably made wearable tech not only lasts for years but supports the adventurers around the globe - from the back roads, to the workplace, and beyond. 

Sustainable Style and Functionality

By gifting AV’s custom-curated safety gear, you're not only supporting a hobby or a lifestyle choice, but a movement. One that makes for cleaner air, more trees, safer commutes, and exhilarating freedoms. Check out AV’s full catalog of apparel this holiday season and give the gift of responsible exploration!

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