Fly Through the Streets with the Very Best

As a life-long fashion designer and (at the time) aspiring entrepreneur, Catherine Wales was rushing to board yet another flight, she realized the beauty in her professional lifestyle. Fly, dream, innovate, create.  As a world traveler, Catherine has experienced expression, design, and art from a variety of cultures around the globe giving her a rare insight into the diversity of individual style and functionality. But as she sat in yet another plane seat, it all clicked. The people she‘d met, the community of riders she’s driven alongside of, and the fashion she’d already produced were leading her to a new, exciting idea. A hand-crafted, curated quality lifestyle brand that represented a missed (and many times, stereotyped) demographic… micro-commuters. 

It would be the perfect combination of customizable, transformative wear while offering state of the art safety for the roads and beyond. Now, what to call it? There was a clear element that Catherine knew needed to be incorporated into the brand… the oh-so-common activity that brought some of her most ingenious designs forward. Flying. 

The Flying Workshop

Atelier is simply that; French for flying. So what does Volant mean? Workshop. Atelier Volant is Catherine’s flying workshop, a play on the infamous flying tailor who was a parachute inventor and pioneer bringing an entirely new concept of mobile safety designs to the masses. 

Setting her mind on the brand insights led her to craft the stunningly detailed logo she proudly positions on lapels, jackets, and bags on her AV Wings pin. The logo showcases a motorcycle wheel with a needle and thread lacing around the spokes to spell AV. All of this gracing a pair of strong wings to fly you to the future. To the office. To fields of flowers. As far as the imagination will take you. 
Get your pair of AV wings today and fly with the best.