Creating a Culture of Consciousness

Create a culture of consciousness Atelier Volant Leggings

As our stunning planet continues to spin, we enjoy the scenery, green foliage, water, and fresh air. And yet without conscious consumerism and mindful living, we take necessary resources away from the world that so lovingly cares for us. How do we return to a time where we value the journey for the view and take nothing for granted?

We create a culture of consciousness. We must. We are this world’s great adventurers seeking solitude, wisdom, community, and experience through exploration. We lead others to recognize the power of less is more. The beneficial impact micro-commuting makes on our environment. 

AV believes in the movement of conscious consumerism by supporting elite craftsmanship.

A culture of mindfulness. Decision. And redirection. 

We encourage you to come with us, against the grain for a sustainably better world. Our products are made 100% fair trade with highly crafted designs and durable fabrics for long-lasting, regular wear because we believe less can be so much more. Filling your closets with core staples that you can dress up or down and bend with you through life’s turns, promises a thriving planet for all of our future expeditions.

Purchase with good intentions and ask the 5 hard questions. 

  1. How versatile is the piece or the brand? 
  2. Will it flex with your changing style or fluctuations in size? 
  3. What about serving the duality of personal and professional lifestyles? 
  4. Is the garment multi-functional? Does it serve more than one purpose? 
  5. What materials are used? Are they responsibly sourced? 

We fully accept that there is a lot to consider when creating this new culture of consciousness, but we also know there is even more to gain. Are you ready to join the ride forward? 

Start shopping sustainably and encourage your friends, families, and colleagues to do the same.